2024 Pro Volleyball Federation Championship

2024 Pro Volleyball Federation Championship

The inaugural Pro Volleyball Federation Championship will be held on May 15 and 18 at the CHI Health Center in Omaha. The top four teams in the league standings will compete for the title of first winners of the nation’s top professional volleyball league and a player bonus of $1 million dollars!

Championship Semifinals

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The Championship will be played at the state-of-the-art CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska. All-session passes include admission to all three matches. The two semifinal matches on Wednesday, May 15 will be played at 6:00 and 8:30 p.m. CT, with the championship final match slated for Saturday, May 18 at 3:30 p.m..


  • #1 Atlanta vs. #4 Grand Rapids

    6:00 PM CT | CBS Sports Network

  • #2 Omaha vs. #3 San Diego

    8:30 PM CT | CBS Sports Network

  • Championship - #2 Omaha vs. #4 Grand Rapids

    3:30 PM CT | CBS Sports Network


    CHI Health Center Omaha is located at 455 N. 10th Street, within walking distance of the Old Market Entertainment and Shopping district and approximately 3.5 miles from the airport.

    For complete driving directions, click here.

    Game Day Parking:  Lots B, C, and D will be used as game day lots where fans can park for $10, cash or credit card, upon arrival.
    ADA Parking:  ADA parking will be free and available in each lot on a first come, first choice basis (ADA parking will not be available to purchase as a season parking pass).

    The following credit cards are now accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

    Bus parking, RV parking and trailer parking (when applicable) is $25. In/out parking is not allowed.

    More information on parking can be found here.

    Bag Policy


    Courtside $147.00
    Lexus Club $91.00
    Lower Sidecourt & Floor Endcourt $63.00
    Lower Sidecourt Wings $47.00
    Lower Endcourt & Mid-Sidecourt $35.00
    Upper Sidecourt $29.00
    Upper Endcourt $19.00

    Each of the matches – two in the semfinals and the title match – will be broadcast nationally by CBS Sports Network. Click here to find out where CBSSN can be watched in your area.


Championship News

Championship Tiebreaker Policy

  • If, following the completion of regular season play, there are ties among the teams that have the four highest winning percentages, the following tiebreakers shall be used to determine playoff seeding and/or postseason participation.

    The teams with the highest winning percentages will be seeded one through four. If there are any ties among the teams with the four highest winning percentages, the following tiebreakers should be considered to break the tie:

    1. Record in head-to-head matches during the regular season
    2. If still Tied, most three-set sweeps during the regular season
    3. If still tied, fewest sets lost during the regular season
    4. If still tied, number of road wins during the regular season
    5. If still tied, a coin toss will be held*

    * In the interest of preventing playoff participation/exclusion being determined by a coin toss, in the unlikely scenario when the tiebreaker to determine the 4th and 5th seeds comes down to a coin toss, the League, at its sole discretion, may determine if a different method shall be instituted.

    If more than two teams have the same exact winning percentage after the regular season, the tiebreakers shall be used until one team is eliminated, at which point the tiebreaker between the remaining teams reverts to the first tiebreaker and the process continues until one team remains. If one team wins a multiple-team tiebreaker and is seeded, the remaining teams with an identical winning percentage go through the tiebreakers in a similar fashion until there is a single winner among the tied teams.


    • Three teams have a .750 winning percentage, which is the best winning percentage in the League.

    • Team A is 6-2 in head-to-head matches among the three teams. Team B is 6-2 in head-to-head matches among the three teams. Team C is 4-4 in head-to-head matches among the three teams.

    • Team A and Team B advance in the tiebreaker, Team C is eliminated from the tiebreaker.

    • Team A and Team B each have six three-set sweeps, so the two teams advance to the next tiebreaker.
    • Team A lost 24 sets during the regular season. Team B lost 30 sets during the regular season.
    • Team A wins the tiebreaker and is seeded first in the postseason. Team B and Team C then go through the tiebreaker process to determine the next seed, as they still have an identical winning percentage.
    • Team B has a 3-1 record against Team C in the regular season. Team B is seeded second in the postseason and Team C is seeded third in the postseason.