Once upon a time, and a long time ago, a legend evolved. A legend of goddesses on horseback defending the skies over ancient Nordic battlefields. A legend of winged angels wielding swords, possessing super-human strength, quick reflexes, stamina, speed, and durability. A legend of courageous and fearless women, who decided the fates of the Nordic warriors who fell in battle. A legend of an elite force of women who guided fallen warriors to the promise land. And today, inspired by such a powerful legend, the next generation of professional women’s sports has arrived. The Pro Volleyball Federation is coming to Orlando!

And just like this legend, let it be known that central Orlando’s team will be an elite force of females who represent courage, physical strength, and the empowerment of women.

We are the Orlando Valkyries!




Addition Financial Arena is located on the campus of the University of Central Florida, one of the largest universities in the nation. Here in Orlando, FL, Addition Financial Arena boasts 10,000 seats, 18 luxury suites, two loge boxes, and club seating with lounge access. The OVG360-managed Addition Financial Arena is home to the UCF Men’s and Women’s basketball programs, as well as concerts, family shows, and other attractions for the Central Florida area. Offering a diverse lineup of shows and athletic events, Addition Financial Arena is considered one of the top college venues in the country.