In Nebraska, the stars shine bright. From east to west, and north to south, our star-studded skies light up the night. But every so often an exquisite explosion of light and energy illuminates the universe with a pulsating radiance, making awestruck any observer and frenzying a spirited astonishment among those in its presence. This is mystified air for sure, and these are not just any stars in the sky — they are super stars, or more accurately, they are supernovas.

Now come the Omaha Supernovas, the brightest shining stars among their peers. Like their intergalactic counterparts, these Supernovas are majestic in their power, and bold in their brilliance. Within the universe, supernovas are rare spectacles. On the volleyball court, Omaha’s Supernovas are also a rare breed of skill, desire, dedication, and a relentless drive to be the shining lights within a league full of stars.

Only a select few stars become supernovas, or Supernovas. So special are supernovas that their sheer brilliance adds enriching elements to our solar system, becoming the foundation of all heavenly bodies. Similarly, the Omaha Supernovas, bursting with a glorious luster of splendor and an extra-dimensional energy, are laying the foundation for world-class female athletes everywhere to break barriers, bask in new opportunities, and flood this new horizon with a true awakening of women shaping new worlds while reaching for the stars.

In Nebraska, the stars really do shine bright, but it’s the Supernovas whose magnificence defies the ordinary and whose trailblazing spirits now light the path to extraordinary aspirations.




The CHI Health Center of Omaha is a $291 million arena and convention center located in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. The 1.1 million square foot facility has an 18,300 seat arena, a 194,00 square foot exhibition hall and 62,000 square feet of meeting room space.

Since opening in September of 2003, the CHI Health Center has drawn more than 15.3 million visitors, 10.7 million for arena events and 4.6 million attending convention center events. The venue has averaged over a million visitors per year since it has been open.