It’s All About The Mojo In San Diego

COLUMBUS, Ohio / FRISCO, Texas – Pro Volleyball Federation, the premier women’s professional volleyball league in North America, has announced the nickname and branding for its West Coast team – moving forward to be known as the San Diego Mojo.

The announcement was made by team owner and United States volleyball star Kerri Walsh Jennings, along with General Manager Jeremy Waller, Head Coach Tayyiba Haneef-Park and multiple players at The Skybox in San Diego. Founders Stephen Evans and Dave Whinham and Pro Volleyball Federation CEO Jen Spicher were also on hand. 

The embodiment of a strong, powerful presence, the San Diego Mojo arrive with an unmistakable and magnetic energy that comes from doing what you love, with those you love and respect. It takes audaciousness to chase dreams and step into the arena. But the Mojo are not soaring on this journey alone. Like the mighty ospreys that have recently made their triumphant return to San Diego, the courage and mojo are fueled by relentless hearts and determined desire to not only survive, but to thrive.

“The best teams in the world have this magical, undeniable essence about them. The best athletes and performers in the world have the same - we intend to embody that essence, that magic, that MOJO,” boasted Walsh. “Not only as powerful individuals representing this franchise, but as a team we most certainly intend to show up, every day, having fully embraced & expressed our mojo - TOGETHER.” 

The osprey, renowned for its strength, resilience, and mastery of the skies, has become an emblem of inspiration. It’s remarkable journey of survival mirrors the determination, grace, and courage that will be exhibited by the women of the San Diego Mojo in their pursuit of excellence. With this new horizon, the Mojo's aspirations and ambitions soar as high as the osprey in pursuit of their passions without limitations.

The osprey that’s depicted in the San Diego Mojo logo is a representative symbol of the players and their efforts to pursue their dreams. A once-endangered species, the osprey fought its way through and now has returned to San Diego after being absent for a long time. 

Pro Volleyball Federation will begin  play in January 2024 with seven teams each playing 24 matches, 12 at home and 12 on the road. The season will culminate in mid-May with a four-team championship weekend encompassing two semifinal matches before the title contest. League matches will be played in marquee arenas with elite athletes who, for the first time, have an opportunity to be paid a living wage while playing professionally in the United States. 

Those wishing to become a part of the San Diego team, whether as a player, coach, investor, sponsor, vendor, or media partner, should email


A Pro Volleyball Federation franchise, the San Diego Mojo is set to serve up its inaugural season in February 2024. Secure your season tickets for this exciting debut now - contact the San Diego Mojo by visiting Stay connected with the team on Facebook at, or find them on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok @sandiegoprovb.


Pro Volleyball Federation is REAL PRO VOLLEYBALL and the premier women’s professional volleyball league in North America. Pro Volleyball Federation will begin play in January 2024 with world class players and coaches, including some of America’s greatest volleyball players and elite players from around the world. Our entire focus is on ensuring that our level and quality of play, our treatment of players, the quality of our event presentations, and our day-to-day fan experience is world class and the very best offered in North America. For more information, visit