Pro Volleyball Federation Launches PRO Collection, An Exclusive Line Of Uniforms And Apparel

COLUMBUS, Ohio / FRISCO, Texas – Pro Volleyball Federation has announced the launch of PRO Collection, the first line of volleyball uniforms and apparel made For Pros, By Pros.

The PRO Collection line marks another innovative approach Pro Volleyball Federation is introducing as it prepares for the launch of its inaugural season. The entire PRO Collection line of products has been crafted and designed with input from and testing by Pro Volleyball Federation players.

The PRO Collection line is in partnership with REN Athletics, the largest volleyball-only apparel company in the United States. REN Athletics will also serve as the Official Uniform and Apparel Partner of the League.

“This new innovative approach showcases yet another way we are involving our greatest asset – our players – in the process of building Pro Volleyball Federation,” touted Stephen Evans, co-founder of the League. “It was extremely important to us that our players were a meaningful part of the process of developing the uniforms and apparel within the PRO Collection. With a focus on performance, quality, and style, our ambition was to develop a line for and by some of the very best volleyball players in the world and offer a new product line for volleyball players at all levels and the fans who love the game.”

All Pro Volleyball Federation players will be outfitted with PRO Collection uniforms and apparel during training and matches. Additionally, fans will be able to purchase PRO Collection apparel online and in Pro Volleyball Federation arenas throughout the season.

REN Athletics has earned a distinguished reputation for designing and manufacturing the highest-quality, custom and performance-driven volleyball uniforms, apparel, gear and training equipment. Its commitment to excellence, innovation and passion for the sport aligns perfectly with Pro Volleyball Federation’s mission to advance the sport of professional women’s volleyball in North America.

“This partnership is an exciting milestone for REN Athletics, and we are honored to help develop the PRO Collection and be the Official Uniform and Apparel Partner of Pro Volleyball Federation,” said Lexi Sun, Sales Executive at REN Athletics. “Our vision to grow the sport of volleyball aligns perfectly with the League’s vision and we look forward to outfitting such talented athletes and the fans of Pro Volleyball Federation.”

As part of this exclusive partnership, REN Athletics will collaborate closely with Pro Volleyball Federation to create custom-designed uniforms and apparel that allow the players to perform at their optimum level and reflect the dynamic spirit and identity of the League. This collaboration promises to set new standards for professional volleyball uniforms and fan merchandise.

Pro Volleyball Federation CEO Jen Spicher expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “REN Athletics shares our commitment to promoting women’s volleyball and providing our athletes with the best possible resources. Together, we aim to elevate the REAL pro volleyball experience for players and fans alike.”


Pro Volleyball Federation is REAL pro volleyball and the premier women’s professional volleyball league in North America. Pro Volleyball Federation will begin play in February 2024 with world class players and coaches, including some of America’s greatest volleyball players and elite players from around the world. Our entire focus is on ensuring that our level and quality of play, our treatment of players, the quality of our event presentations, and our day-to-day fan experience is world class and the very best offered in North America. For more information, visit


REN Athletics is the largest volleyball-only apparel company in the United States, specializing in high-quality, custom, and performance-driven volleyball uniforms, apparel, gear, and training equipment. With a deep commitment to the sport and a passion for excellence, REN Athletics aims to elevate the volleyball experience for athletes and fans alike. To learn more, visit

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