We all have aspirations. For the lucky ones, the path toward renown has already been established and role models have paved the way and set the example. For them, greatness is just a matter of defying the norm and demonstrating the will to win, a dogged desire, and a ruthless aggression in achieving a destiny of grandeur.

But what if there is only an established path for some, but not all? What if for some, there is no horizon, or, what if achievement is just an optical illusion, a cruel mirage that can never be attained? Even worse, what if for some, there is no opportunity to ever make greatness a reality? 

Do their dreams become mission impossible?

For the ordinary, yes. The ordinary typically reverse course when the going gets too tough. The ordinary allow their dreams to fade away. The ordinary choose to fight a different fight. But at some point, a hero emerges. At some point, ordinary is overtaken by the extraordinary. At some point, it’s time to make our own opportunities, create a brand-new horizon, and rise together in body and in spirit!

The Grand Rapids Rise are the embodiment of that fierce spirit set to rise to new heights … and it’s not just the sport of women’s volleyball that will be taking the ride. We are blazing a new trail for all of those who have been left behind. New opportunities. New horizons. New expectations. You want to see a will to win and the dogged desire and ruthless aggression it takes to achieve what has never before been accomplished? Just watch us RISE!




Van Andel Arena is located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Serving as West Michigan’s premier entertainment destination hosting numerous sports events, family shows, concerts, comedy shows and more each year. Van Andel Arena is also the home to the Grand Rapids Griffins, the AHL hockey team, the Grand Rapids Gold, NBA G League team as well as the Pro Volleyball Federations West Michigan Pro Volleyball team.

Since marking its Grand Entrance on October 8, 1996, Van Andel Arena has attracted the biggest names in family shows, concerts and sporting events. Acts such as Neil Diamond, Disney On Ice, NCAA Hockey Regional Championships, the AFL Arena Bowl XV game, Detroit Pistons & Michigan State University basketball exhibition games, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Metallica, Bob Seger, P!nk, Justin Timberlake and more!