• Pro Volleyball Federation is REAL pro volleyball and the premier women’s professional volleyball league in North America. Pro Volleyball Federation will begin play in February 2024 with world class players and coaches, including some of America’s greatest volleyball players.

  • ‘REAL pro volleyball’ means exactly what it says – this is world class players and coaches playing and coaching on REAL teams within a REAL league format playing matches at REAL pro arenas. Pro Volleyball Federation teams are owned by REAL pro owners and team operators and the league is operated with REAL league management expertise within a REAL financial model that is viable at the league and the team levels. Pro Volleyball Federation also provides its athletes with a REAL living wage and REAL opportunities for advanced player development and personal development.

  • Pro Volleyball Federation will begin play in January 2024. We will begin announcing teams in December 2022 and will have our initial roster of inaugural season teams announced by the end of February 2023. Each team will have at least 12 months to build its team and brand within its market while growing a strong season ticket base and a meaningful roster of sponsor and local partners.

  • As stated, Pro Volleyball Federation is REAL pro volleyball. It’s that simple. Our definition of “pro” is a major league definition of the term. We are not just an elevated level of club volleyball. Pro Volleyball Federation operates at a major league level and is advancing a traditional league model with teams in major markets across the country and the continent.  Our teams play home and road games in major venues, and will have rabid fan bases within their home markets. Pro Volleyball Federation will include the very best volleyball players in America and great players from around the world. Our entire focus is on the pro game and ensuring that our level and quality of play, our treatment of our players, the quality of our event presentations, and our day-to-day fan experience is world class and the very best offered in North America.

  • Because women’s professional volleyball, done correctly, is the exact right thing at the exact right time in North America. But it’s not only us. Similar beliefs are held by our Founding Partners representing major league pro sports team owners, major brands and sponsor partners, major media companies, major venues throughout the country, and executives from throughout the sports ecosystem. This is because the action of the women’s indoor game holds up to any other sport, with highly skilled athletes playing at an extreme tempo above the net and diving on the floor to compete for every point. Volleyball is one of the world’s premier team games, and the American public is recognizing that, as women’s volleyball at the collegiate level has become the third-most watched live college sport on television, behind only football and men’s basketball. Finally, Pro Volleyball Federation is providing a new horizon for young volleyball players in America who currently have very few options to play professionally without having to leave the country. Our ability to provide these new opportunities for so many great young athletes is one of the foremost reasons why the launch of Pro Volleyball Federation is such a significant milestone for the advancement of women’s sports in North America.

  • Pro Volleyball Federation has attracted the attention of many of America’s greatest volleyball players and coaches, and we expect our teams to be loaded with top American volleyball stars. We are excited about the announcements that we will soon be making related to players joining the Pro Volleyball Federation in a wide variety of roles.

  • Pro Volleyball Federation is proud to be the first pro volleyball league in the United States to provide its players with a REAL living wage. In fact, our first-year base salaries are similar to those of current first-year WNBA players (a league that has been around for over 25 years). Our players will also be able to gain additional compensation based on achievement and postseason advancement. We are also extremely excited about being the first-ever pro league to share league revenues with our players from Day One. Our players are our product, and one of the most important missions of Pro Volleyball Federation is our commitment to treating our players the right way and with the respect, care, and admiration they deserve as major league professional athletes.

  • Whether you are a player, a coach, a prospective team owner, a prospective league investor, a prospective sponsor or vendor, a media company, or a venue that would like to host Pro Volleyball Federation action, email and we will work with you to explore ways that you can become a part of the premier women’s professional volleyball league in North America.